European Safe Online Initiative

Building a better internet. Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

Safe Online is coordinated and supported by educational institutions and associations across Europe.

European Safe Online Initiative is the brainchild of the Flemish Safe Online Initiative applied to the larger context of the European Union and, in the specific, by representatives from five EU countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and Romania.
Associations and educational institutions contribute their own know-how to build a programme to educate parents and educators to become more aware of the opportunities and potential risks new media offer to their children.

What We Do


— We Build Awareness

Parents struggle to find the balance between constructive and unhealthy use. Parents need support on fostering children’s online skills and safety.

— We Empower

A path developed upon the principle of “cascade training” rationale, according to which parents quickly transfuse this new knowledge into the family environment, will be taken. Thus, the multiplier effect and the exponential results of learning are very quickly evident.

— We Educate

Parents have a responsibility to support their children’s media literacy but should be supported to do so. It is important to offer the parents platforms where they can discuss their questions and uncertainties, and where they find information and answers to their questions as well.

— We Support

We attempt to introduce parents into the media worlds of their children, to answer the principal question of how parents should attend to their children’s media use and to discuss:

  • What their children are doing with media,
  • What they use media for,
  • Why they are attracted by media etc.


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