The European SafeOnline in Greece

The European SafeOnline Initiative continues its practices across Europe. Today, we have updates from our partner Athens Lifelong Learning Institute from Greece.

On September 25th, three (3) trainers of Athens Lifelong Learning Institute participated in the online train-the-trainer webinar, organized and delivered by Gezinsbond. These trainers were selected due to their extensive experience in adult training and their expertise in media literacy issues, having provided similar training seminars to teachers, educators, and educational staff. They highly evaluated the content and the structure of the webinar, since they had the opportunity to learn about not only the content but also the teaching and learning practices implemented by the project partners in Belgium, targeting the population of parents, especially those with disadvantaged profile and backgrounds. The webinar was interactive and gave “a first taste” of the extended seminar for trainers in 2021.

Regarding the continuation of the Safe Online Initiative in Greece and the implementation of the next steps, the Covid-19 limitations about group meetings and social distancing have affected how the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute will proceed. They have already approached schools providing them with information about the project, its aim, its objectives, and its future activities, as well. Specifically, they received positive feedback, as school teachers and school administrators feel that the project addresses a real need of parents and carers, who sometimes feel helpless when it comes to supporting and directing their children on the use of the new media. The main plan is the establishment of groups of parents/ trainees whose children attend different education levels in schools in the area of Athens, including Primary Schools (for students aged 6- 12 years old) and Secondary Schools (for students aged 12- 18 years old).

The involvement of parents associations in these schools will be vital, as they will activate their members to participate in the training seminars, which are going to take place in a blended learning methodology, combining online training and offline studying and work. Efforts will be made to involve parents whose children attend intercultural schools in the area of Athens and migrant parents who live in alternative structures (e. g. camps, supported independent living arrangements, and apartments). Finally, SafeOnline Initiative in Greece will try to include parents from another disadvantaged group, Roma parents. Since there are large populations in specific regions of Athens, the contribution of SafeOnline training seminars will be vital for them.

Stay tuned for more updates and future activities!

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