Flemish SafeOnline trainings are now available online!

In times of the current crisis, more people than ever before work from home and more students are being schooled virtually either full or part-time. This means that both parents and children spend a lot more time online. As a result parents, now more than ever, have many questions about media education and ways to handle digital media use in their families.

In this context, Veilig Online, the Flemish SafeOnline Initiative, can be especially valuable and beneficial for Flemish parents and families. By encouraging parents to accompany children in their media use and by answering central questions surrounding topics like cyberbullying and social media, the initiative fosters an open, cooperative, and empathic parenting approach.

However, opportunities for real-life parent trainings have drastically decreased due to Covid-19. As a way to compensate this and to keep providing their important services, Gezinsbond and Child Focus have worked hard to be able to offer free online webinar trainings for parents.
They are happy to announce that during October and November, trainings will take place every Thursday at 20h. Topics include internet and privacy, social media and cyberbullying with respective focus on children or teenagers, gaming and online relationships, and sexuality.
For more information and to follow Veilig Online webinar trainings, visit: veiligonline.be/webinars

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