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Over the whole duration of the project, Child Focus, together with Belgian partners, Ligue des Familles and Gezinsbond, have published the following press releases:

January, 2020

September 2022

November 2022

May 2023 

 June 2023

List of press articles mentioning the project :

Ruth De Bruycker for :

  • Sud Info, June 2023

Comment le web influence la vie sexuelle des ados: quelques petits conseils à partager en famille:

  • RTL Info, June 2023

Child Focus partage ses meilleures pratiques lors de l’European SafeOnline Initiative’European%20SafeOnline%20Initiative,-Publi%C3%A9%20il%20y&text=Child%20Focus%20et%20plusieurs%20partenaires,en%20ligne%20de%20leurs%20enfants

  • La DH, June 2023

Child Focus partage ses meilleures pratiques pour protéger les enfants sur Internet


About Us

The European Safe Online Initiative is the brainchild of the Flemish SafeOnline Initiative applied to the larger context of the European Union by organisations from five EU countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and Romania.

What do we do?
Associations and educational institutions bring their know-how to build a program to educate parents and other carers to become fully aware of the risks and opportunities the new media offer to their children.

Who are we?
Child Focus | Gezinsbond | La Ligue des Familles | Athens Lifelong Learning Institute | Universitatea de Vest Timisoara -UVT | University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski” | European University Cyprus | EAVI European Association for Viewers Interests

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