Flemish SafeOnline trainings are now available online!

In times of the current crisis, more people than ever before work from home and more students are being schooled virtually either full or part-time. This means that both parents and children spend a lot more time online. As a result parents, now more than ever, have many questions about media education and ways to …

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Train-the-Trainers Webinar Completed Online!

Coordinators of the European SafeOnline Initiative organized a train-the-trainer webinar to convey knowledge and training methods to the local partners. The event took place on the 25th of September with the participation of future trainers from each partner organization. Even though this train-the-trainers activity was anticipated to be a real-time event, it had to be re-arranged as …

Train-the-Trainers Webinar Completed Online! Lees verder »

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