Media Literacy in Bulgaria: Towards a Better and More Effective Cooperation in the Field

“Effective cooperation among major stakeholders in the media literacy field in Bulgaria”, that was the moto of the meeting held at the Council for Electronic Media on November 8th 2022. The event gathered more than 40 participants representing the main national media, key NGOs working in the field along with members of the National Regulatory Body, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, academics, and teachers in media literacy. The meeting was opened by Ms. Sonya Momchilova, Chair of the Council, who expressed the common will of all members of the regulator to launch a national campaign that could unite the efforts of all main agents working in the media literacy field, and thus enhance the cooperation and bring about more effective results. Her plea was echoed by Ms. Axenia Bonev, Chair of the National Council on Media Literacy, who also assured the attendees that the Ministry of Culture was about to offer the draft of the National Strategy on Media Literacy for a broad public discussion. This strategy has been under preparation for more than 6 years and is eagerly expected by all media literacy stakeholders. Prof. Danail Danov from Sofia University talked about the Bulgarian participation in the European Safe Online Initiative, stressing upon the numerous trainings involving parents in the process. He also focused on the need of incorporating media literacy in all subjects taught in school as an alternative to the idea that media literacy could be offered as a separate discipline. That approach enjoyed a great support of the majority of the participants who considered it a strong move towards the introduction of more critical approach in Bulgarian education. 

The attendees in the event appealed to the main national media representatives to offer more air time related to media literacy related events, and thus promote the concept among broader audiences.

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