Train-the-Trainers Webinar Completed Online!

Coordinators of the European SafeOnline Initiative organized a train-the-trainer webinar to convey knowledge and training methods to the local partners. The event took place on the 25th of September with the participation of future trainers from each partner organization.

Even though this train-the-trainers activity was anticipated to be a real-time event, it had to be re-arranged as a webinar due to the pandemic. However, this did not confine the eagerness of the participants and the coordinators, thus, we could still manage to have a productive day. Participants became familiar with the training modules such as internet and privacy, gaming, social media, cyberbullying, online relations, and sexuality, and also, they discerned further the perspective of parents regarding the online world and their children. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to participate and interact through a game and a Q&A. They also had the chance to comprehend the process and the necessary tools for the implementation of the training.

It is significant to adapt ourselves to the current circumstances on the face of the pandemic. Especially now, the need for media literate communities is urgent. The European Safe Online Initiative aims to the continuation of knowledge by raising consciousness and awareness among broader communities.

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